Principle Number Four To Getting Better Results

ConsensusAnother principal for overcoming uncertainty is consensus.

People look for what other people feel think and do, and the amplifiers for this are many others doing it or similar others doing it. This is why it’s so important to get testimonials from your clients and put those testimonials in front of people like them, think about trip advisor, reviews remove uncertainty.

Shopping channels in America are big business, and one fitness device broke all sales records selling nearly a quarter of a million units, a big part of the success was switching how they encourage people to call in.

Instead of saying the usual are operators are waiting for your calls, they switched it to if the lines are busy please call back, insinuating that lots of other people were calling in.

Going back to the towel study where hotels were trying to get people to reuse their towels, the environmental appeal resulted in 37.5% of people reusing the towels, however when they had in that many other people also reused the towels this jump to 44% and if they use similar others e.g. the room number, they ended up with 49% of people complying.

Another example is what was dubbed the £4 billion letter, HMRC when collecting taxes used to send a letter to those that were paying pointing out that only 7% of the population didn’t pay taxes.

When they switch this to 93% of UK residents pay their taxes, there was a 72.5% uplift in payments. When the changes to 93% of “county they’re living in” residents pay their taxes, there was a 79% uplift in payment.

But when they actually switched it to 93% of “town they’re living in” residents pay their taxes, there was an 82.9% uplift in payments and if a threatening letter was sent out this only achieved a 67% uplift in payments

So always focus on what most people do and what similar people do to remove uncertainty

By Alan S Adams

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As an award-winning business coach and bestselling author, Alan S Adams has helped hundreds of businesses across the UK to move from simply surviving to positively thriving. The publication of his second book Passion To Profit: 7 Steps To Building A Kick-Ass Agency and his third book, The Beautiful Business: Secrets to Sculpting Your Ultimate Clinic, sees him focus very specifically on creative agencies and aesthetic clinic sector, sharing advice and guidance with the potential to revolutionise turnover, client retention and overall growth. Alan was also recognised by Enterprise Nation as one of the UK’s Top 50 Advisors and APCTC Coach of The Year Finalist.

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