Lessons From Monty Python And #CrazyManorHouseWoman

#CrazyManorHouseWoman firing Rocket

Yes that picture is of #CrazyManorHouseWoman and the smoke is from a rocket she had just fired towards us.

I don’t know if you’ve ever been on a hot air balloon but in-between the burners going to keep you afloat, it’s super peaceful and very relaxing, so imagine our surprise when we suddenly heard someone screaming “PISS OFF”

Now, for a split-second we were all thinking, ‘is that someone shouting at us?’ We all started to look around and there indeed was a woman below us, in the backyard of a manor house. Just to confirm our suspicions, she again shouted “PISS OFF”.

I don’t know about anybody else but I instantly thought about Monty Python’s Life of Brian, and was really tempted to shout something back, but seeing as I was with 16 other people I didn’t know, I decided to keep my mouth shut and not aggravate the situation (much to my disappointment as this was clearly a great opportunity to wind someone up who really deserved it).

Also, the woman was clearly a simpleton as she didn’t understand that hot air balloons only have control over their uppy and downy movement (technical descriptive here), and have absolutely zero control over the direction they float in, as they are at the whim of the blowy stuff in the atmosphere. Our inevitable drifting towards her airspace seemed to upset even further though and she screamed “I’M GOING TO GET MY GUN”…

‘Jeez, a good job I didn’t aggravate her’ I thought as she stamped off into her house. At this point a few of my fellow passengers were a bit nervous, perhaps unsurprisingly as we know from Hot Fuzz that every man and his mother is packing in the countryside. I then watched with great curiosity as #CrazyManorHouseWoman reappeared from the house with a sticky thing in one hand. One of the fellow passengers asked if it was a gun and I reassured them that it wasn’t, but to be quite honest, from the height we were at I couldn’t really make out what she had in her hand.

She went to the bottom of the garden did a bit of messing about and then held out the stick at arm’s length. At this point I could see that it was quite a large rocket, and whilst I don’t think she was pointing it directly at the balloon, she was certainly pointing it in the general vicinity (see picture of her with smoke around). The rocket went off with quite a large bang (I was actually quite impressed, it’s the kind of rocket I’d purchase). Once again I had to suffer the pain of resisting the urge to shout something, “MISSED” instantly jumped to mind.

Fair play to Lindsay our pilot, she was very calm about the whole thing and just confirmed with a sigh that it was indeed the first time she’d been shot at in 30 years.

#CrazyManorHouseWoman is clearly very protective of her privacy but she did remind me of a valuable lesson. In business – as in life – shit happens, and people react in a way which can seem more than a little crazy. The trick? Take inspiration from Monty Python, where there would have been a very different ending for #CrazyManorHouseWoman…

Bedevere: What makes you think she’s a witch?#CrazyManorHouseWoman Firing Rocket
Peasant: Well she turned me into a newt!
Bedevere: A newt?
Peasant: I got better.
Crowd: Burn her anyway!


By Alan Adams The Clinic Coach

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