Labels Can Help You Get More Engagement From Customers

Get More Engagement From Customers

When we think about labels we tend to think about brand labels. However , More Engagement From Customers can be achieved by labelling them – although it More Engagement From Customerssounds odd – can have hugely positive results. Not only can it get them to engage with you more , but chances are they’ll also spend more money with you.  So, if you’re not labelling your customers you really are missing a trick.

In fact, research has shown that people who are labelled not only like it, but are more inclined to engage with the group they are labelled with.

To demonstrate this, a study was carried out (Motivating voter turnout by invoking the self, Stanford University) to see if labelling people as politically active voters would influence their turnout at the polls .  People were questioned about their political habits with half of this group subsequently told that the researchers had deemed them more politically active based on their answers (which wasn’t true as the y’d been selected at random) .  The other half of the group wasn’t told anything.

Sounds Odd But Will Lead to More Engagement From Customers

Despite this being a completely random selection, when it came time to vote , those that believed themselves to be more politically active had a 15% higher turnout than those that had been told nothing.

Why?  Because our unconscious mind enjoys being consistent with what’s expected of it .  This is why introducing tiered service offerings – for example, platinum, gold or VIP groups – can work so well, especially if you set out what a typical platinum, gold or VIP customer does .  Doing this labels those within these tiers as superior compared with the average, so they actually spend more money because that’s what’s expected of somebody in this group.

So , as highlighted above – don’t forget to label your customers .  Not only will they like it ( assuming they see the label as a positive one) but they’re likely to engage with you more often and will probably spend more money too.

Little Buy-ins Will Also Get More Engagement From Customers

On a similar thread, there’s a great book called ‘ Yes! 50 Secrets from the Science of Persuasion ‘ by Noah J. Goldstein, Steve J. M artin and Robert B. Cialdini, which contains all sorts of interesting facts about persuasion and how getting small buy-ins from people can lead to much larger ones , simply because people feel a connection and identify with an issue, campaign, or opportunity.

The book highlights one experiment which saw researchers knock on 100 houses and ask if they could put a large placard in the front garden saying “kill your speed”. Un surprisingly, only 17% of householders said yes, with the others giving a flat no. In a neighbouring and similar street, researchers knocked on the door and asked the resident if they could put a small sticker in their window saying “kill your speed”. A huge 76% said yes .  When, three days later, the researchers went back to the houses that had agreed to display the small stickers and asked if they’d now put a large placard in the front garden – 53% of them said yes. That’s more than triple those in the initial and neighbouring street.

More Engagement From Customers With Small Buy-ins

The reasoning behind this is that taking that small action changed very slightly how these people viewed themselves. That little sticker in the window showed that they were the sort of person who cared about their community and who didn’t want people speeding, so when asked if they could put the much larger sign in the front garden many more identified with it and felt comfortable to say yes. Knowing that now, think about how can you get people to buy-in to what you do, or spend just a little bit , because they’ll then be much more likely to spend more with you later.

And that’s how you get  More Engagement From Customers.

By Alan S Adams

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