Its Not How You Get Customers, It’s The Why That Counts

How You Get Customers

There’s a brilliant TED, that really covers how you get customers, by Simon Sinek called “Why Great Leaders How you get customersInspire Action”. If you’ve never seen TED it’s a great resource of snappy 18 minute or so talks about pretty much any inspiring and educational topics you can think of. Their tag line is “ideas worth spreading” and it’s definitely worth a look, no matter what your interests are. Anyway, we’re going to cover in a later chapter the importance of your clinic’s vision, mission, and culture, but understanding these things along with why you’re in business can have a huge impact on your marketing.

Knowing Your Why is How You Get Customers

In Simon’s talk he talks about the Golden Circle in which you have three concentric circles, the centre, the middle and the outside. On the outside you have ‘what you do’, in the middle ‘how you do it’, and finally ‘why you do it’ in the inner circle which is your core purpose or belief as a business. Simon explained that all really inspired companies work from the inside out, rather than the traditional model where they work from the outside in, and he gave Apple as a great example.

If Apple was to market itself in the traditional way it would start with ‘what it does’ which would be something like “we make great computers”, and then move on to “we make computers that are user-friendly, beautifully-designed and easy to use, want to buy one?” Now, what Apple actually does is start with their ‘why’, so their marketing message sounds more like “everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo, we believe in thinking differently” before they move into the ‘how’, “the way we challenge the status quo is that everything we do is user-friendly, beautifully-designed, and easy to use”, and then finally moving on to the what which is “we just happen to make great computers, want to buy one?”.

The Why Makes How You Get Customers Easy

He makes the point that people don’t buy ‘what’ you do but ‘why’ you do it, and Jim Collins, the renowned author of Good to Great, Great by Choice and Built to Last made a similar point. He studied some of the top companies in the world and compared them to similar businesses within their respective marketplace, who had the same opportunities, but who failed to thrive, do as well, or who – in some cases – actually went out of business.

Jim found that all of the companies that did exceptionally well had a clear vision of what they were doing (their why), a mission statement, and a really strong culture that all of the staff and customers (even if they didn’t fully understand it) took on in terms of what they were trying to achieve.

How You Get Customers From The Inside Out

Now, I’m not saying that you have to be building a £multi-million company, but what I am saying is that people buy people, so knowing your ‘why’ will help your potential customers chose to buy from you.

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How You Get Customers the easy way

By Alan S Adams

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