How to Develop Your Own Sales Script

How to Build a Sales Script

You might have seen this equation but it makes it really easy to develop your own sales script: D x V + FS >R = Sales Scripts SellSale. The D is the dissatisfaction or pain the customer has, V is the vision of what they want,  FS is the first steps to get them to buy and R is resistance.

It’s actually started of as a change formula from the 60’s used when management wanted to change companies in some way but was adapted for sales in the 80’s

The idea is that you talk to the customer about their dissatisfaction, make that D as big as possible, really dig around to find out what it is that’s paining them, get as much detail as possible, and ask them how it feels to be in that situation.

Having a Sales Script will Increase Your Conversion

Then start building the V vision and again make this huge, ask what that looks like, how it will feel, what that would do for them, what impact it would have on their life and family. Make the vision bold, and rich, and real, and the bigger you can make the D and V, the easier the sale will be. Now, this isn’t about misleading people, it’s simply about helping them to buy.

The Time taken Doing a Sales Script will pay you Back Ten Fold

The FS, or first steps, is all about making the sale as much of a no brainer as you can. Think payment in instalments, offering a money-back guarantee, 30 day trial periods, free returns, in fact anything that you can do to get buy-in. Once your customers decide to buy a little, they’re likely to go the whole way because once they’ve decided to buy from you, people like to feel like they’ve made the right decision and they’ll look for evidence to support the decision.

Good Sales Scripts Rock 🙂

Reducing Resistance is just about knowing what potential objections they might have and actually have answers ready so that you’re not thrown.

Your sales script is all in the preparation, but this is a really simple formula to help keep you on track

By Alan S Adams

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