How Best To Use Magazines or Flyers

How Best To Use Magazines Adverts or Flyers

Magazines Adverts or Flyers that your ideal clients read, can be Magazines Adverts or Flyersanother great way of developing leads, although it’s easy to get it wrong. I see far too many businesses just throwing their money away with the type of advertising they’re doing, and the places they’re doing it, and as with all marketing it’s essential that you measure the return on investment you’re actually getting.

Now, bear in mind that when you place an advert, its aesthetics are one of the least important factors to its success. Much more important is that it contains some sort of offer – this can be a money off or percentage discount, but if you think back to the other blogs, we’ve talked about giving a high perceived value but lower cost product or item away. So, something that perhaps retails at £80 but which may only cost you £30 would certainly grab the reader’s attention. In my opinion, 10% of offers are very, very weak, so do always try to go for the perceived value offering.

A Great Way To Get The Most From Magazines Adverts or Flyers

The thing to remember is that your offer may grab someone’s attention and they may actually think ‘I must do that’, but then they put the magazine or flyer down and forget about it – not because it wasn’t a great offer but because, like everyone, we have busy lives and stuff just gets in the way. To try to overcome this you must have an end date for the offer that’s not too far into the future so it forces your potential client to take action now.

Also, remember how we talked about lead magnet (advice and guidance) downloads on your website. Why not have another call to action that pushes them towards your website to take the download, or even a squeeze page specifically set up for that advert so you can actually see what results it’s generating.

Magazines Adverts or Flyers Can Create a Lot Of New Business

Make sure to that you have a tracking number on the advert so you can measure what calls it’s generating too. A mastermind group had one of its members who was spending £20,000 a year, on paper advertising but didn’t know how many calls it was generating. He started tracking them and after three months was horrified to realise that these advert hadn’t generated a single call. Not a single one! Needless to say he cancelled the advertising and put £20,000 straight onto his bottom line.

Magazines Adverts or Flyers

Learn what works – and works best – for you and keep doing it! Make sure you use Magazines Adverts or Flyers

By Alan S Adams

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