Do You Know Who Your Best Customers are?

Knowing Who Your Best Customers Are is Essential

If you’re in business then you have customers. You might have a few, or a few thousand, but understanding who your customers are

Who Are Your Best Customers?

Who Are Your Best and Worst Customer?

– and especially who your best customers are – is absolutely essential and allows you to target new business too. Think about your ideal customers and even make up an avatar for them. Think about where they live, what they read, what kind of hobbies and sports they have, where they shop, and what frustrations they have.

Then Work Out How to Get in Front of Your Best Customers

Once you have all of this noted down, you can start to think about ways to get your business in front of them and ways to encourage them to take some sort of action, whether that be to pick up the phone and call you, download a free guide, or request a visit or an estimate.Also, look at how can you educate your customers.

You can see from the graph you have Grade A, B, C and D customers. As pay the most and take the least time, Ds pay the least and take up the most time. The idea is to educate all of your customers to be As!

Educate them to be Your Best Customers

Educating your customers starts at the very first contact, you position yourself and get them to understand the value you bring and all the hard work you put in to become as good as you have done that as put you as the best person to create their dream and solve their problem

Do they fully understand how good you are or all of the benefits of being with you in comparison to your competitors? And if you have a D client who seems impossible to educate, look at the time and what returns you’re getting and then maybe think about recommending they do go to a competitor as you feel that they would better match their requirements

Have a great week

By Alan Adams

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As an award-winning business coach and bestselling author, Alan S Adams has helped hundreds of businesses across the UK to move from simply surviving to positively thriving. The publication of his second book Passion To Profit: 7 Steps To Building A Kick-Ass Agency and his third book, The Beautiful Business: Secrets to Sculpting Your Ultimate Clinic, sees him focus very specifically on creative agencies and aesthetic clinic sector, sharing advice and guidance with the potential to revolutionise turnover, client retention and overall growth. Alan was also recognised by Enterprise Nation as one of the UK’s Top 50 Advisors and APCTC Coach of The Year Finalist.

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