Businesses Can Learn A Lot From The Military

Businesses can actually learn quite a lot from the military, in the military lack of preparation or planning can very quickly costs lives. Operating in combat zones is an incredibly hostile environment or in the case of nuclear powered submarines you are continually operate in one of the most hostile environments in the world.

In some ways I’d actually say to more hostile environment than what the international space station has to face, as they are in a low-pressure no corrosive environment, whereas subs are a high-pressure highly corrosive environment (although getting into space strapped to a rocket is probably more hazardous)

As a submariner you exist in an environment where you’re carrying high explosives in the form of torpedoes and missiles, you have high-pressure hydraulics moving equipment that if you got in the way it wouldn’t even notice you are there, there’s for 415 V electrical everywhere, machine spaces, pumps and on top of that a nuclear reactor.

Plus you then have the crushing weight of the water pushing on the submarine trying to compact it, when we used to go deep, the Formica walls that used to separate out the internal compartments would actually start to buckle because the submarine was being squeezed smaller.

So what’s this got to do with business? On board the subs we have systems and processes for absolutely everything on board, everything is documented and were trained to carry out tasks in certain ways.

Now if I was to metaphorically throw you the keys to a nuclear powered submarine and tell you to take it for a spin with your friends you would probably very sensibly say “no thanks”, because you intrinsically know that it’s a incredibly hostile environment and given the chance would kill you in a heartbeat.

What you fail to understand is the business is also an incredibly hostile environment (you probably not go die but I can guarantee lots of stress caused due to the business). The majority of businesses are started by somebody who is really great at what they do, but this does not translate into them being a great business person.

What I see in businesses is a lack of thought in putting systems and processes in place, to ensure the smooth running of the business, business owners and a lot of areas within their business are trying to wing their success, which typically leads to failure.

All the super successful business owners I’ve interviewed have really nailed this, so think systems and processes when it come to building a really sustainable business, that doesn’t cause loads of stress and misery

By Alan S Adams

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As an award-winning business coach and bestselling author, Alan S Adams has helped hundreds of businesses across the UK to move from simply surviving to positively thriving. The publication of his second book Passion To Profit: 7 Steps To Building A Kick-Ass Agency and his third book, The Beautiful Business: Secrets to Sculpting Your Ultimate Clinic, sees him focus very specifically on creative agencies and aesthetic clinic sector, sharing advice and guidance with the potential to revolutionise turnover, client retention and overall growth. Alan was also recognised by Enterprise Nation as one of the UK’s Top 50 Advisors and APCTC Coach of The Year Finalist.

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