Best Time to Post on Social Media with Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and Pinterest

Best Time to Post on Social MediaBest Time to Post on Social Media

Some people spend a lot of time trying to decide the Best Time to Post on Social Media, this really depends on who you are wanting to talk to, Neil Patel of quicksprout posted and infographic on the best times to post, this is mainly US data but should apply to UK as well and should give you a better feel of when to post depending on the platform you’re using.


  • Greatest engagement occurs towards the end of the week on a Thursday and Friday.
  • Engagement is 3.5% lower than average for posts at the start of the week, Monday to Wednesday.
  • 1pm gets most shares, 3pm most clicks
  • Broader suggestions say 7pm till 9pm seems pretty good time
  • Use Fanpage Karma to find the optimal time to post to your audience

This Will Help You Decide Best Time to Post on Social Media


  • For B2B, you are better off posting on the weekdays
  • For B2C, you should post on weekends and for some bizarre reason Wednesday’s
  • If you are looking for retweets, tweet at midday.
  • If it’s click through rate you’re looking for tweet at 6pm
  • Use Followerwonk to find the optimal time to post to your audience

Best Time to Post on Social Media for Linkedin


  • Best days to post are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays
  • Most shares and clicks happen on a Tuesday at 10am -11am
  • Best time to post other than that is 7am-8am or 5pm-6pm
  • Worst time to post is Monday, Friday and weekend
  • Linkedin is top for B2B lead source generation out of all the social media

Best Time to Post on Social Media for Pinterest


  • Best day to pin is a Saturday
  • Best times to pin are 8pm till 11pm
  • Activity peaks about 9pm
  • Peak post time for fashion and retail are Fridays at 3pm

So follow these tactics for the Best Time to Post on Social Media and you should see better results, but remember it’s about being social not selling

By Alan S Adams

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